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Popular Minecraft Mod “Pixelmon” Shut Down by Developers

“It’s been a great ride”   The Pokemon Company has cracked the whip on fans yet again, calling for a shutdown of the extremely popular Minecraft mod, Pixelmon. In an official blog post, Pixelmon administrator MrMasochism announced on July 13th that the team behind the mod had received a request from the Pokemon company to no longer allow downloading of […]

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Pride of Being a Gamer

Two year ago today, the world lost a legend of video games, Satoru Iwata. While I was incredibly sad to hear of the passing of a man who helped to shape mine, and millions of children’s childhoods, I was touched by how much the video game community game together to honor a man who followed his passion and lent his […]

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Three Crazy Fan Theories About Pokemon Red and Blue

Back in 1995, Satoshi Tajiri had no idea what kind of global phenomenon his “Pocket Monsters” were going to be. Now, twenty two years later, Pokemon has become a beloved franchise for billions. The original Pokemon games have spawned dozens of games across multiple game systems, a long running TV series, and some incredible cosplays. But one thing most folks […]

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New Pokemon are Finally Being Added to Pokemon GO!

   Time to Hoppip back on the Pokemon GO Hypetrain   July of 2016 was a wonderful time, Pokemon GO had released, and people were living out their childhood dreams of being the very best, everyone was playing, even 60 year old grandfathers. But the hype quickly died off, due in large part to various glitches and server crashes. Eventually […]

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Build-a-Bear Now Offering Stuffed Pokemon

Build-a-Bear is a genius idea, and we all hate to admit it, because we didn’t think of it first, but it really is great. Every child loves stuffed animals, and when you can combine that with a bit of imagination, as well as any kind of accessory or outfit you could possibly want, it becomes a battle of deciding which […]

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First Pokemon Sun and Moon Competition Announced

The Pokemon games have always been competitive, based around the premise catching and training Pokemon to be the very best. This competition has evolved through the power of the internet, and online Pokemon battling is bigger than ever. The Pokemon Company is keeping the ball rolling with Pokemon Sun and Moon, announcing the first online battle competition in Japan. Japanese […]

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Thanksgiving Promotion Coming to Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go became a world wide phenomenon when it released, the hype died out fairly quickly, leaving only the truly hardcore players roaming around tying to ‘Catch Em All”. The game picked back up quite a bit with the release of the Halloween update, and it would seem that Niantic (the folks behind Pokemon Go) are going to try to […]

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Trainers can get 3 New Special Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Lots of news out of the Pokemon Company this week, with the reveal of the New Z-Moves for your starter Pokemon. But trainers will also be treated to three new special Pokemon in game by meeting certain requirements. Trainers will be able to get Ash’s special Greninja, the awesome water type Pokemon, by playing and completing the Pokemon Sun and […]

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New Z-Moves Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon released in just a few days, but that doesn’t stop Nintendo from rolling on through with the hype train. Taking to YouTube this morning, we were treated to three new Z-Moves for the fully evolved forms of the games starter Pokemon. These new Z-Moves look to add a lot of new depth into the gameplay, which […]