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Mercy is NOT Getting Nerfed Yet

Blizzard is always making changes to its incredibly popular first person shooter, Overwatch. These changes usually include minor tweaks to characters, maps, or game modes, the most recent (and most substantial) has come in the form of the healer Mercy, which completely changed her ultimate ability, and changed how she plays in game. Before the change, Mercy could use her […]

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Zombies have come to Overwatch in New Custom Gamemode

Ever since the release of the Game Browser and the possibility of custom game modes, fans of Overwatch have come up with some interesting (and sometimes disturbing game modes). This kind of creativity is to be expected from a community of over 30 million active players between PC and Xbox and Playstation consoles. These customizable games have reached a new […]

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Doomfist Live on the PTR, Abilities Detailed

“Those who rise up, their name will be remembered forever!”   Doomfist is finally here, and his abilities are going to be a game changer for the world of Overwatch. Blizzard released the official animated teaser trailer for Doomfist today, which showcases the fight between the villain and the heroes of Overwatch. In an epic clash with Genji, Tracer, and […]

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Are Video Games an Art Form?

Can a Video Game been seen as an art form?   One of the bigger debates that we come across in the gaming community is whether or not video games can be considered “Art”. But what is the definition of art? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, art can be defined as “skill acquired by experience, study, or observation” or another […]

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More Potential Doomfist Clues Found on PTR

Just give him to us Jeff! Overwatch has wrapped up another event, and started Season 5 of Competitive play, so whats next? According to a user named Bax42 over on Blizzards official Overwatch forum, Doomfist is coming… Bax42 found this teaser of information while looking into the crash logs of his game, after experiencing issues while on the PTR (Public […]

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Orisa Will be Unavailable for Competitive Play at Release

Good decision or no?   Today marks the release of Orisa into the Overwatch world for console and PC players alike. This reveal and release of a new character has been handled much better than some previous character releases (looking at a certain hacker here) opting to slowly introduce players to the concept of a new character through small bits […]

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Orisa Release Date Revealed for All Platforms

It’s right around the corner!   The Overwatch Development team is all set to release their 25th playable character into the game. Orisa is the robotic hero of Numbani, and has been thoroughly tested on the PTR. Today Blizzard announced her release date for all three platforms along side a special “behind the scenes” video (which was teased by Jeff […]

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What Does the Reveal of Orisa Mean for Doomfist?

A New Overwatch Character is Here….   Overwatch finally has a new playable character coming to join the ranks of heroes in the form of the Omnic Tank Orisa. With this upcoming addition to the roster, there are now six Tanks, seven Offense, six Defense, and five Support characters. So where does that leave room for the much hyped villain, […]

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Bastion is Extremely OP in the Latest Overwatch PTR

Bastion mains rejoice!   The development team over at Overwatch HQ are hard at work as always, doing their best to help balance out the game and make changes to encourage players to work with different heroes across game modes, while Jeff Kaplan works hard to keep us up to date with the latest game developments. Sometimes these changes are […]

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CTF to Become a Permanent Game Mode in Overwatch

With the Year of the Rooster event winding down, and everyone scrambling to get the latest Mercy skin, Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan addressed the new game mode in a new Developers Update. Discussing the addition of a new server browser being introduced into the PTR, Kaplan also discusses the feedback received from fans about CTF, and discusses changes that will be […]