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The Regalia is Your Newest Weapon Against Monsters

Nothing can stand against those monster tires!   The June Update for Final Fantasy 15 dropped today, and brought some improvements to the Regalia along with it. This 8.65 GB update gives us compatibility for Episode Prompto (Releases on June 27th), as well as new music for the DLC package. But the coolest feature to come with this update is […]

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More Potential Doomfist Clues Found on PTR

Just give him to us Jeff! Overwatch has wrapped up another event, and started Season 5 of Competitive play, so whats next? According to a user named Bax42 over on Blizzards official Overwatch forum, Doomfist is coming… Bax42 found this teaser of information while looking into the crash logs of his game, after experiencing issues while on the PTR (Public […]

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CoD 4: Remastered to be Released as a Standalone Title

“Coming first to PS4!”   One of the big draws for a lot of players when buying Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the bundled package of Cod 4:Remastered along side it. Considering how harshly fans downvoted the trailer for Cod: IW, as well as the extreme criticisms of the game, it seems likely that the only reason it made […]

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Resident Evil 7 DLC Release Date Changed

“Thank you for your great response to the main game, and your patience as we work on the additional free content ‘Not a Hero.’”     Resident Evil 7 was a terrifying breathe of fresh air for the Resident Evil series, and the DLC packages really added to it. The last known DLC package though, has been slightly late in […]

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Original Xbox LAN Parties are Returning

Time to break out the old copies of Halo 2!   E3 brought us a lot of news about the release of Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One X (X.B.O.X. Very sneaky Microsoft…). Among this news is details about the new 4K graphics, console exclusives, price, and hardware. But one big piece of information for long time Xbox fans in […]

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The Best Selling Games for May 2017 Have Been Revealed

There are a few surprise contenders!   May was a pretty good month for video games, with releases across all platforms, including new games like Prey And Fire Emblem Echoes: SoV, sequels like Injustice 2, and even re-releases of some older games like Phantom Dust and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. But the statistics website NPD has revealed […]

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Don’t Forget to Cast Your Vote for FFXV!

Times almost up to vote for what you want to see!   The DLC packages for Final Fantasy XV are well under way, with Episode Gladiolus being released, and Episode Prompto is right around the corner. Season Pass holders will soon have access to two more confirmed DLC packs, Episode Ignis and a special four person co-op mode which will […]

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People are Sharing Their Thoughts on Another Skyrim Remake

They aren’t positive thoughts… Bethesda gave us a gold mine back in 2011. Skyrim hit the market and people lost their minds, exploring a new world, fighting dragons, and becoming the legendary Dragonborn. With the game flying off the shelves (30 million copies sold), and three incredible DLC packs coming out, the money was definitely flowing. Two years later, Bethesda […]

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My Biggest Complaint about Halo 5

I have been a Halo fan since the original Halo: Combat EvolvedĀ came out on Xbox (give me a break, I can’t afford a gaming PC). Ever since then I have done my part to fill the Master Chief’s boots, and prove myself worthy of wearing the Mjolnir armor. I played the original three games loyally, played the spin offs, and […]

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Big Changes Coming to the Dark Souls 3 Summon System

Some people are going to be happier than others…     Fromsoft has released the final DLC for Dark Souls 3, but that doesn’t change the fact that the games online and PVP community are still very much alive. Players have had some major complaints about the multiplayer aspect of the game, and while Fromsoft has been tight lipped about […]

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Orisa Will be Unavailable for Competitive Play at Release

Good decision or no?   Today marks the release of Orisa into the Overwatch world for console and PC players alike. This reveal and release of a new character has been handled much better than some previous character releases (looking at a certain hacker here) opting to slowly introduce players to the concept of a new character through small bits […]