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New Arena Maps Coming to Dark Souls 3

Finally, somewhere new to rage during PVP!   Dark Souls 3 Final DLC, The Ringed City, is set to release on March 28th, marking the end of the Dark Souls story. But this is not the last bit of DLC to come available for owners of the season pass, or the standalone DLC Ashes of Ariandel. Players who have access […]

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Orisa Release Date Revealed for All Platforms

It’s right around the corner!   The Overwatch Development team is all set to release their 25th playable character into the game. Orisa is the robotic hero of Numbani, and has been thoroughly tested on the PTR. Today Blizzard announced her release date for all three platforms along side a special “behind the scenes” video (which was teased by Jeff […]

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What Does the Reveal of Orisa Mean for Doomfist?

A New Overwatch Character is Here….   Overwatch finally has a new playable character coming to join the ranks of heroes in the form of the Omnic Tank Orisa. With this upcoming addition to the roster, there are now six Tanks, seven Offense, six Defense, and five Support characters. So where does that leave room for the much hyped villain, […]

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New Pokemon are Finally Being Added to Pokemon GO!

   Time to Hoppip back on the Pokemon GO Hypetrain   July of 2016 was a wonderful time, Pokemon GO had released, and people were living out their childhood dreams of being the very best, everyone was playing, even 60 year old grandfathers. But the hype quickly died off, due in large part to various glitches and server crashes. Eventually […]