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10 Amazing Cosplays to come out of TwitchCon 2016

TwitchCon 2016 was this weekend, designed to honor those awesome gamers and users who stream themselves doing what they do best, the con also brought out tons of amazing cosplayers. These are our 10 favorites. Starting with the Grand Prize winner, who definitely earned his prize.   Lionhardt (Overwatch) by Hoku Props McCree (Overwatch) by Nicole Salera Cosplay   Primal […]

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New Star Wars Battlefront Game Coming? (Link inside)

Fans were ecstatic to hear that EA DICE had taken over the Star Wars Battlefront franchise. When the game finally came out in November of 2017, it was met with mixed reviews. Game critics lauded the games graphics and controls, while fans were quite upset about the lack of a single player campaign and space battles. EA has since rectified the question of […]

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Today in Gaming History: The Nintendo 64

Everyone remembers the N64 right? How could you not? The odd shaped controller that didn’t fit your hands right, the clunky boxed shaped graphics, the four super popular games that everyone else had, while you had a single copy of Clayfighter… When you think about the N64 compared to today’s graphics and technology, you might smile remembering the good games. […]

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Breaking Down the New Game Modes in Battlefield One

The folks over at DICE are really pushing the hype train hard, with gameplay videos, trailers, stats and more exploding all over social media. They took in one step farther this morning by releasing a few of the game modes that will be coming out when Battlefield One releases in October. This information comes directly from the official battlefield Twitter […]

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The Gears of War 4 Trailer is finally here!

Never Fight Alone… The Gears of War 4 trailer is finally here, and it looks spectacular. The newest game in the long running franchise is being made by developers The Coalition and if the trailer is anything to base it off of, then they are going to handle the series that Epic Games started fairly well. Set 25 years after […]

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Banned From Twitch for Being too Sexual?

Sexuality and gaming is a particularly hot topic, especially when it comes to streaming. It is often brought up whenever women who stream on sites like Twitch and Youtube “flaunt themselves” in order to get more viewers, this is where the controversy comes into play. Depending on who you ask, “Showing a little cleavage is completely normal, and nothing to […]

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Celebrating the Birthday of the Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo has always been known for making quality gaming consoles, in fact, some people’s childhood memories are chock full of adventures played from the living room couch thanks to Nintendo. That trend didn’t stop in 2001 either, with the release of the Nintendo Gamecube! Released on September 14th in Japan, and later the same year in North America, the system […]

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Two Men against the (Lego) World

Have you ever beaten a video game? Really beaten it, 100% complete, all levels beaten, all characters unlocked, all secrets found? Not all gamers can make that claim, and those that have will tell you it’s no easy task, but it is definitely easier with a friend. That’s how Jason and Steve looked at it, and so when changes in […]

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Wall Street to Porn to… Video Games?

You all may remember a year ago the tabloids were blowing up about a young woman who ditched a promising career on Wall Street to a pursue the glamorous world of adult entertainment. “Veronica Vain“, which was the stage name of a young woman named Paige Jennings became an overnight celebrity due to her rather surprising career choice. In an […]

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11 Year Old Buys Meth from Gamestop

We all love Gamestop. They provide us with our favorite games, have an excellent return policy, and generally pretty good customer service. But I’ve never been offered drugs while I frequent their stores. Maybe it’s a new sales strategy? When an 11-year-old boy from Louisiana opened the game he bought from Gamestop on Wednesday, he discovered a small plastic bag […]