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Mercy is NOT Getting Nerfed Yet

Blizzard is always making changes to its incredibly popular first person shooter, Overwatch. These changes usually include minor tweaks to characters, maps, or game modes, the most recent (and most substantial) has come in the form of the healer Mercy, which completely changed her ultimate ability, and changed how she plays in game. Before the change, Mercy could use her […]

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Zombies have come to Overwatch in New Custom Gamemode

Ever since the release of the Game Browser and the possibility of custom game modes, fans of Overwatch have come up with some interesting (and sometimes disturbing game modes). This kind of creativity is to be expected from a community of over 30 million active players between PC and Xbox and Playstation consoles. These customizable games have reached a new […]

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Fans are Creating a Final Fantasy Cookbook!

That’s it!   Final Fantasy 15 offered fans a huge open world to discover, interesting characters, and just a little bit of fan service. But some fans focus was on the food, Ignis concocts a whole virtual cookbook of recipes while fighting monsters (and stealing other cooks ideas) throughout the game, and Reddit user u/aranea_highwind decided they enjoyed the digital […]

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Popular Minecraft Mod “Pixelmon” Shut Down by Developers

“It’s been a great ride”   The Pokemon Company has cracked the whip on fans yet again, calling for a shutdown of the extremely popular Minecraft mod, Pixelmon. In an official blog post, Pixelmon administrator MrMasochism announced on July 13th that the team behind the mod had received a request from the Pokemon company to no longer allow downloading of […]

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Legal “Church of Hanzo” Established in Brazil

Who’s ready to worship?   Overwatch is an incredibly fun game, no doubt about it. With 30 million active players, and multiple awards won, it definitely has an influence in the video game world, but would you consider it a religion? Apparently a Braziliian man named Matthew Mognon thinks it’s worth it, considering he legally opened a church to worship […]

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Doomfist Live on the PTR, Abilities Detailed

“Those who rise up, their name will be remembered forever!”   Doomfist is finally here, and his abilities are going to be a game changer for the world of Overwatch. Blizzard released the official animated teaser trailer for Doomfist today, which showcases the fight between the villain and the heroes of Overwatch. In an epic clash with Genji, Tracer, and […]

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Some new Facts About CoD:WW2 from Official Reddit AMA

The hype train is leaving the station!   Activision’s Call of Duty franchise has been hitting the bricks lately, with massive backlash on their “futuristic” style of CoD. So in an effort to bring fans back into the fold (other than just re-releasing old games), CoD: Advanced Warfare developers Sledgehammer Games has opted to step back into the fields of […]

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The Regalia is Your Newest Weapon Against Monsters

Nothing can stand against those monster tires!   The June Update for Final Fantasy 15 dropped today, and brought some improvements to the Regalia along with it. This 8.65 GB update gives us compatibility for Episode Prompto (Releases on June 27th), as well as new music for the DLC package. But the coolest feature to come with this update is […]

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More Potential Doomfist Clues Found on PTR

Just give him to us Jeff! Overwatch has wrapped up another event, and started Season 5 of Competitive play, so whats next? According to a user named Bax42 over on Blizzards official Overwatch forum, Doomfist is coming… Bax42 found this teaser of information while looking into the crash logs of his game, after experiencing issues while on the PTR (Public […]

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CoD 4: Remastered to be Released as a Standalone Title

“Coming first to PS4!”   One of the big draws for a lot of players when buying Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the bundled package of Cod 4:Remastered along side it. Considering how harshly fans downvoted the trailer for Cod: IW, as well as the extreme criticisms of the game, it seems likely that the only reason it made […]

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Resident Evil 7 DLC Release Date Changed

“Thank you for your great response to the main game, and your patience as we work on the additional free content ‘Not a Hero.’”     Resident Evil 7 was a terrifying breathe of fresh air for the Resident Evil series, and the DLC packages really added to it. The last known DLC package though, has been slightly late in […]

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Original Xbox LAN Parties are Returning

Time to break out the old copies of Halo 2!   E3 brought us a lot of news about the release of Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One X (X.B.O.X. Very sneaky Microsoft…). Among this news is details about the new 4K graphics, console exclusives, price, and hardware. But one big piece of information for long time Xbox fans in […]

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The Best Selling Games for May 2017 Have Been Revealed

There are a few surprise contenders!   May was a pretty good month for video games, with releases across all platforms, including new games like Prey And Fire Emblem Echoes: SoV, sequels like Injustice 2, and even re-releases of some older games like Phantom Dust and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. But the statistics website NPD has revealed […]