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People are Sharing Their Thoughts on Another Skyrim Remake

They aren’t positive thoughts… Bethesda gave us a gold mine back in 2011. Skyrim hit the market and people lost their minds, exploring a new world, fighting dragons, and becoming the legendary Dragonborn. With the game flying off the shelves (30 million copies sold), and three incredible DLC packs coming out, the money was definitely flowing. Two years later, Bethesda […]

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My Biggest Complaint about Halo 5

I have been a Halo fan since the original Halo: Combat Evolved came out on Xbox (give me a break, I can’t afford a gaming PC). Ever since then I have done my part to fill the Master Chief’s boots, and prove myself worthy of wearing the Mjolnir armor. I played the original three games loyally, played the spin offs, and […]

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What Does the Reveal of Orisa Mean for Doomfist?

A New Overwatch Character is Here….   Overwatch finally has a new playable character coming to join the ranks of heroes in the form of the Omnic Tank Orisa. With this upcoming addition to the roster, there are now six Tanks, seven Offense, six Defense, and five Support characters. So where does that leave room for the much hyped villain, […]