Rainbow Six Siege is a game which gives a lot back to its players. It is now in its second year and is still pumping out plenty of new content in the form of new Operations, maps, and playable Operators. The latest Operation, Operation Blood Orchid is now in full swing, allowing players to fight across an abandoned theme park. Blood Orchid offers player’s three new operators as well, with Ying on the Attack, while Lesion and Ela Defend. These new operators can be unlocked with the Season Pass, R6 Credits, or by grinding out Renown.

While these new features are readily available and obvious, Blood Orchid also gave something else to the fan base, in the form of a memorial for a member of the Rainbow Six community. In the new map Theme Park, players can find a still working arcade cabinet which depicts Rainbow Six Siege as a game within a game. What players may not notice is that the screen actually depicts the stats of a player named BostonBearJew, as well as showing his name and level on the side of the machine. Beneath the stats are the words “Keep playing forever.” This was brought to light on Reddit, where people initially thought it was nothing more than a simple easter egg, but several Redditors were quick to point out that it was a memorial to another player, with user u/Funkmob925 making a post discussing it in more detail. BostonBearJew, whose real name is Zach, was an excellent Siege player who competed and streamed the game regularly. After his passing in March of 2017, his friend, Reddit user u/KingSwank reached out to Rainbow Six Community Developer Craig Robinson and explained what had happened to his friend and fellow Siege player, and hopefully get a nod to BostonBearJew in the game he loved. Robinson agreed to “see what he could do, but no promises”. While we don’t know how, apparently Robinson followed through, and Ubisoft added this BostonBearJew into the game in the form of this easter egg.

This is not the first time gaming companies have paid homage to fans who have passed, and it won’t be the last, but it is always nice to see something like this being done. Good one you Ubisoft for honoring the fallen, and helping out the friends who are left behind. Rest in peace Zach, and keep playing forever.


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