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Final Fantasy 15 offered fans a huge open world to discover, interesting characters, and just a little bit of fan service. But some fans focus was on the food, Ignis concocts a whole virtual cookbook of recipes while fighting monsters (and stealing other cooks ideas) throughout the game, and Reddit user u/aranea_highwind decided they enjoyed the digital dishes so much that they had to try one of their very own. Several months ago, the FF food fan started making dishes and eventually called out to other fans to help in making the Unofficial FFXV Community Cookbook. Since then, several other Redditors and fans have contributed to the cookbook, wp-1500322612076.jpgdesigning meals from the game and uploading photos and recipes to be compiled. Version two of the cookbook is out now and includes a huge number of well made recipes which break down what ingredients are needed, how long prep and cook time is, photos of the completed product, and even quotes from the game about each recipe. If you would like to try some of these recipes out, you can find the cookbook HERE! Or if you would like to try your hand at what recipes still remain, then you can find a list of what hasn’t been made below. Just don’t go chasing monsters you can’t take down unless you take an experienced hunter with you!




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