“It’s been a great ride”


The Pokemon Company has cracked the whip on fans yet again, calling for a shutdown of the extremely popular Minecraft mod, Pixelmon. In an official blog post, Pixelmon administrator MrMasochism announced on July 13th that the team behind the mod had received a request from the Pokemon company to no longer allow downloading of the mod.


Pixelmon, for those who don’t know, is a massively popular mod for Minecraft on the PC, allowing players to capture, train, evolve, and even breed Pokemon in the Minecraft world. The mod was creating in 2012, but quickly gained momentum due largely in part to the abundance of Minecraft streamers both on Twitch and Youtube who played the game. This isn’t the first time we have seen Pokemon come down on fan made games, and probably won’t be the last. When you make a fan game or mod, even if you’re showing your love and passion for the game series, legality can get in the way, and a company as large as Pokemon could easily squash you. That still doesn’t change how many people have expressed their sadness and frustration with the Pokemon company. At this time, the mod is no longer available for download, but there has been no mention of whether or not those who already have access to it will still be able to play.






What do you think gamers? Is Pokemon coming down to hard? Or is this just the risk you run when making a fan made game? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook and Tumblr for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay, and more! Thanks for reading!


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