Who’s ready to worship?


Overwatch is an incredibly fun game, no doubt about it. With 30 million active players, and multiple awards won, it definitely has an influence in the video game world, but would you consider it a religion? Apparently a Braziliian man named Matthew Mognon thinks it’s worth it, considering he legally opened a church to worship the arrow flinging hero, Hanzo.


In an article for the website adrenaline.com (which I will link to both the original and the translated pages below) Mognon explains the how and why of opening his new church. In a nutshell, he wanted to show how ridiculously easy it is for someone to obptain church status in Brazil, and therefore avoid having to pay taxes. According to Mognon, all you need is a physical address as well as atleast five followers, who can be your friends, neighbors, or complete strangers, just so long as you have your five minimum. Following Brazilian law, the Hanzo National Church must have established rules, most of which seem fairly satirical in nature, but the church actually does focus on promoting positivity in the online gaming community. The positive spin is also why one of the bannable offenses of the church is the use of the term “Hanzo Main”, which Mognon believes in used so negatively that it is almost a curse word. While this whole scenario is quite amusing, it does serve to highlight how individuals or organizations could exploit the laws surrounding worship not only in Brazil but in other countries as well, and assuming the Church grows large enough, it may actually become a way of eliciting real change. The Hanzo National Church was established on the 14 of June, 2017.

Official letter declaring the Church of Hanzo

Would you like to worship at the Church of Hanzo gamers? If you would like to read the original translated article, you can do so here. Otherwise, don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook and Tumblr to get the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay and more! Thanks for reading!


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