Some people are going to be happier than others…



Fromsoft has released the final DLC for Dark Souls 3, but that doesn’t change the fact that the games online and PVP community are still very much alive. Players have had some major complaints about the multiplayer aspect of the game, and while Fromsoft has been tight lipped about it, some changes are finally coming, as announced by the Dark Souls official Facebook page.


While some changes are being made to various weapons and glitches, including the ability to invade boss fights, some big changes really cater to invaders, putting them at less of a disadvantage while invading other players worlds. While others will make it easier to obtain “Proof of Concord Kept” by making it more likely to be summoned as a Blue.

  • Fixed a bug where red phantoms could be summoned after the appearance of a “Darkmoon Blade” or “Blue Sentinel”
  • When a white phantom dies during an invasion, the host will now be unable to summon subsequent white phantoms for a certain period of time (this change does not apply to covenant based invasions)
  • Increased drop rate of “Seed of a Giant Tree”, reduced the number that can be carried and greatly reduced the duration of its effect
  • Up to a total of two “Darkmoon Blades” or “Blue Sentinels” can now be summoned during online multiplayer
  • Increased the level range at which “Darkmoon Blades” and “Blue Sentinels” can be matched (details available below)

Now, when you invade, you may have to still deal with gank squads, but you won’t have to fight a never ending army of summons, as well as having to spend less time avoiding mobs. But on the other hand, if the world you invade is the home of a member of the Way of Blue Covenant, then you will have to deal with a Blue Sentinel or two, as they are becoming easier to summon. While the patch notes don’t specifically state how the level differences will affect blue summons, it should be interesting to see how often a blue can be summoned now. Now to encourage people to wear their Way of Blue covenant item….



What do you think gamers? Are you excited about the PVP changes? What things do you think Fromsoft should focus on next? Let us know in the comments below, or you can comment by following Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook! And if you want more amazing Dark Souls content, then check out this amazing Onion Knight cosplay! Thanks for reading!


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