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Resident Evil VII is an incredible game and a wonderful way to bring the series back. The atmosphere of the game is dark and foreboding, as well a new first person view, which only adds to the horror and has you constantly looking over your shoulder, certain that Jack is about to grab you. As fun as the game is however, it does have some big questions that remain to be answered, in regards to the extended universe of the Resident Evil series. Be warned, this article will feature some mild spoilers throughout the game, so we would recommend turning back now if you haven’t finished. Or if you would like some spoiler free RE content, then you should check out our article on 10 Awesome Resident Evil Facts instead! Still here? Alright, let’s get started!

How Does Ethan Resist the Infection?

Ethan is our faceless hero, who drove to Dulvey, Louisiana three years after his wife disappeared, after a mysterious email from his long lost beloved, asking for him to come get her. Seems suspicious, but we have all done rather outrageous things for love. Eventually making his way through a filthy and terrifying shack, only to have his wife chop his hand off, Ethan wakes up to find his severed limb reattached with what appears to be construction staples. How does that make sense, if he isn’t infected? Throughout the game we watch the Baker family get mutilated in various ways, with Jack ever blowing his own brains out only to prove that he can survive it, thanks to the virus. We also discover that Evie is the source of the infection, and this allows her to project mental visions into her victims. As the game goes on, Ethan slowly becomes more and more susceptible to these visions which, when tied in with his miraculous healing abilities, would suggest that he is infected as well, and yet he requires none of the miraculous serum that Zoey creates. How exactly does that make sense? But Ethan isn’t the only character we meet who seems to resist the mold based infections….


What Exactly is Going on with Lucas?

Lucas is the eccentric son of the Baker family, and is one of the more intriguing, albeit confusing characters in the game. Lucas is clearly infected along side his family, which is shown through the regeneration of the hand his father cut off, as well as ripping out his own nails because he can. What’s particularly confusing though is when you enter the mines near the end of the game. Players can find a radio where they overhead a live conversation between helicopter pilots, which reveals that Lucas has been in contact with an “unknown third party.” It is my speculation that this is the Umbrella Corporation who is flying overhead based on the photo of an Umbrella photo which asks “are they watching us from that helicopter?” This would suggest that at some point that Lucas was in contact with another organization who was after the bioweapon Eveline. This is further suggested by the emails on his laptop, which is also found in the mine. Although the emails show that as of 2015 Lucas was cured of the infection, thanks to his mysterious friends.  Over the next two years however, Lucas continues to help kidnap and torture people, even going so far as to building a special trap room, which was used to kill atleast one person, as well as being used to try to kill Ethan. So does he end up becoming reinfected, or is he naturally just a psychopath? And despite all of that, at the end of the game, he is the only member of the Baker family to have survived, and has apparently disappeared, which is why Umbrella is searching for him. Although….


What Does the Umbrella Corporation Have to do With All of This?

Resident Evil fans are very familiar with who Umbrella was, the evil corporation was the start of everything that happened in the RE universe, starting with the zombie outbreak in the Arklay mansion, and continuing to cause waves all around the world. But the government actually shut down Umbrella in 2003, which lead to their various experiments and B.O.W’s to be sold to other organizations and black market groups. This is how the events of pretty much every Resident Evil game after RE3 came to be. So how did this long dead corporation end up as part of the events of REVII, almost fifteen years later? One thing that is interesting to note, the logo on the helicopter at the end of the game is a new version of the original logo, although with a friendly purple color as opposed to the aggressive red that used to symbolize the corrupt organization. What’s more, who is this mysterious “Redfield” that saves Ethan? In the credits of the game, he is identified as the hero Chris Redfield, but this begs the question, why would Chris be working with his enemies? Chris Redfield, along side his partner Jill Valentine, founded the BSAA, an organization which is a direct counter to anything and everything that Umbrella ever had a hand in. So it doesn’t make sense why he would suddenly have a change of heart, and decide to team up with the hated enemy, unless maybe he just really likes the color purple? On top of everything, something that is very curious is how Umbrella knew about Evie and the Baker family in the first place? Are they still making bioweapons? And if they have known all along, why wait three years to do anything about it? People are being killed left and right, and yet Umbrella decides to wait until someone else cleans up their mess? That would only make sense if this whole thing was engineered as a grand experiment, with the Baker family as unwilling test subjects, along side everyone they captured. This would also play into why they finally now decided to intervene and save Ethan and Mia. They aren’t saving a couple of people, they are saving a couple of infected blood samples, as well as searching for Lucas, who shares the same infection.

So many questions have yet to be unanswered, and some may come in the form of future DLC, or perhaps are setting up the way for Resident Evil 8. What are your thoughts on the game? What unanswered questions do you have? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! Or if your brain hurts from thinking to much, then take a break by checking out 10 Amazing Resident Evil Cosplayers You Have (Probably) Never Heard Of. And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay, and more! Thanks for reading!




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