If there is one thing gamers love, it’s sharing their passion, and that is never shown more than when you read some of the stories on Reddit. Like the time when someone shared a pic of their first console (an xbox 360)  and people sent them free games for it.


Todays story comes from the the r/Zelda subreddit, where user /u/entropic-soul-x shared a story about their soon to be 12 year old daughter, who is growing to be the worlds biggest Legend of Zelda fan. Lamenting the loss of a job, entropic-soul asked redditors if they would be willing to do a “gift exchange” of sorts, offering various PS3 games, Magic the Gathering cards, and professional photoshop work in exchange for any kind of Zelda merchandise. Reddit was quick to respond, with offers to send all kinds of things, with offers of the Hyrule Historia, to custom made fan painting 12×12 acrylic pieces. This kind support of a struggling parent is always good to see, and even better when it’s because of a shared passion. Here’s hoping someone feels like a Princess on her birthday.

Courtesy of Reddit user /u/drewmg

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