Hmm…. Hmm….


   Dark Souls is a game we love to hate. It is designed to defeat you time and time again, but the thrill of overcoming your foes is matched by the interesting characters you meet throughout your adventures. The most amusing of these characters in the original Dark Souls is Seigmeyer of Catarina. Our poor onion knight believes that if he thinks hard enough about a problem, he will solve it in the end. Truthfully, all it takes is for the Chosen Undead to come along and save him, but we don’t mind doing it. Apparently, Reddit user /u/Durp0012 decided that thinking wasn’t going to solve anything, and took it upon himself to don the armor of the Knight of Catarina. With a combination of time, EVA foam, hot glue, googly eyes, and spray paint, he transformed himself into the legendary knight. With a custom made Zweihander, which breaks down for easy storage and transport, this is one fellow not to fight, unless you want to go Hollow….

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