Fire Emblem is an amazing series, although I have never thought of it as being particularly biblical. Do I love playing them? Absolutely, but does that mean I should use them in a church sermon? Probably not… This idea is not shared by members of the PrayersFire Ministry however. According to their official Twitter account, PrayersFire is “an EFFECTUAL, FERVENT & RIGHTEOUS PRAYER MINISTRY!” This rather zealous group are apparently fans of Fire Emblem as well.

In a special midweek service, there was a sermon on a group called the “Tribe of Ephriam”. Naturally this is referring to the Crown Prince of Renais Ephriam, and his loyal knights. While the Bible states that Ephriam and his men invaded Canaan, we all know that truly Ephriam rode into Grado to engage in guerilla warfare. It would seem the good pastor was not paying much attention while playing the game, and it’s concerning that there is no mention at all of the Princess Eirika at all. Here’s hoping that the church goers know their Fire Emblem lore a bit better. And it’s probably best to make sure that they keep an eye on the churches bank account otherwise someone could end up spending $500 trying to unlock a single character in Fire Emblem Heroes.