Nintendo might be on to something with this game….


Fire Emblem: Heroes is the second game to release as part of Nintendo’s promise to bring more of their first party games to the mobile gaming platform, and is doing quite well among fans of the series. Players assume the role of the “summoner” which allows them to summon heroes from various Fire Emblem games. While many people have worked hard to grind out special orbs on the off chance of summoning their favorite characters, there are those who are willing to spend money on the possibility of unlocking their favorites…. It doesn’t always end well though, just ask Reddit user /u/TheEmblemNerd


TheEmblemNerd seems to be enjoying the game, if his bank account is any indication. Taking to Reddit to share his story, he decided to spend $80 at a time, purchasing 140 summoning orbs, SIX TIMES of the course of a week.  That’s $480 dollars he has now spent on a game which is completely free to play. I confess, I have been guilty of spending a few dollars on f2p games myself (Dam you Clash of Clans) but almost $500 dollars? That’s a big chunk of change to be spending. TheEmblemNerd goes on to explain that he is a student and has been saving money on the side to purchase whatever he chose, so it doesn’t seem that this rather large purchase has hurt him financially, but was it all worth it? He spent the money in an attempt to unlock the axe wielding hero Hector, from FE7, but even after almost $500 dollars spent, the RNG took no pity on the summoner, and he never unlocked his prize. So after everything, all that he has to show for it, is a lot of characters he doesn’t want, and probably a set of very disappointed parents. Better luck next time!


Have you ever spent money on a mobile game? What’s the most you’ve ever spent? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! and don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for all the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay and more! Thanks for reading!



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