Shouldn’t Mess with Daddy’s Little Girl

Most of the internets’s most interesting stories end up on Reddit. Whether it’s the story of a terminal young man getting the chance to be a hero,  or a tale of kindness from strangers sharing their passion of gaming. Today’s story starts on a Minecraft server, where an eight year old little girl wanted to build something with friends, and ended up being threatened with sexual assault and more.


The story shared by Reddit user /u/DrRaveNinja is about his daughter, who enjoys playing Minecraft on the PC. One day he notices how upset his daughter is while playing and decides to find out whats going on. Eventually he realizes that his daughter, and all the other players on the server are being harassed by one player in general. The aggressor in the situation was cursing and insulting everyone online, but seems to have a particular interest in DrRaveNinja’s daughter, threatening to hack into her IP address and rape her, despite being told that she was only 8 years old. Any parent would be livid in this situation, and naturally would want to hunt the little punk down. Luckily enough, thanks to his daughters desire to share her Minecraft adventures on Youtube, the whole incident had been recorded. Dad springs into action, saving the footage and starts searching the internet for the username of the jerk who harassed his daughter. Through clever (and lucky) investigation, the player’s father was found on Facebook, informed of how his son was acting online, and even sent the video footage as undeniable proof. Soon after, our hero Dad finds out that the little jerk was only 11 and was being handled by his extremely upset parents. With his laptop gone and summer plans effectively ruined, it is safe to say that this is one gamer who will mind his tone when playing online in the future.


While this story has a happy ending, there is no denying that the internet is full of some real creeps and jerks. So if you are a gamer, or you have children who enjoy gaming online, please make sure they know some of the basic tools to use, such as the report and mute buttons. And if you are ever in a similar situation, follow DrRaveNinja’s example. Get your revenge, but do it properly, and make sure it’s memorable. And if you would like to read more awesome stories from the depths of the internet,  then be sure to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for all the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay, and more. Thanks for reading!


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