The frozen expanses of Skyrim are vast and full of interesting characters. Anyone who has ever stepped foot there is sure to have spent a lot of time exploring everything from Riften to Solitude. And with last years release of the Skyrim: Special Edition a lot of gamers traveled back to the land of the Nords. So pay the fee for a wagon ride and come with us to explore 10 awesome Skyrim inspired cosplays, with a special focus this week on some of those people who craft the intricate pieces of armor that come with any good cosplay.

Dovahkiin as Portrayed by Draw Me a Cosplay



Lydia as Portrayed by Liona Cosplay



Aela the Huntress as Portrayed by Kaolinite Cosplay – Beth Hodgson

Photography by Infinite Imagery by Natasha Bresna



Whiterun Guard as Portrayed by Craft Alchemist Cosplay



Full Steel Armor Set made by The Antilily



Thalmor Elf as Portrayed by Evyl



Glass Armor Set made by Nefini Cosplay

Photography by York In A Box



Daedric Armor made by Oh Hai Maru Cospleh

Photography by Donovan Le Roux



Nightingale Armor made by Ryu y Akari Cosplay



Dark Brotherhood Assassins as Portrayed by Valda & Panthera Cosplay

Photography by Destined Protection Cosplay



Every week Bonus Level Gaming posts a new article featuring those cosplayers who aren’t as well known as the big names out there, so if you or someone you know should be featured then let us know! And if you want to see last weeks Mass Effect Cosplayers You Have (Probably) Never Heard Of, you can click on the hyperlink above. Also, if there is a cosplay that particularly catches your eye, you can click on their name to be taken directly to the Facebook page of that cosplayer to see more of their work. And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for more awesome cosplays, memes, and the latest in gaming news. Thanks for reading!




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