Pokemon GO has definitely dropped in popularity since it’s release last year, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still playing it for all kinds of reasons. Some people enjoy using it as a form of exercise, the rush of catching a new rare Pokemon, or playing with friends and family. Jiansheng Chen played to bond with his grandchildren and the rush of catching new Pokemon, which is what led him to leave his home on the night of January 26th, 2017, according to his family.

Mr. Chen on his 60th Birthday

Mr. Chen made his way down to a clubhouse in the River Walk neighborhood of Chesapeake Virginia to challenge the Pokemon gym located there. Presumably Chen was met there by a security guard working for the Citywide Protection Services security company. It is unknown at this time what happened between Trainer and security guard, but Mr. Chen unfortunately came out on the losing side, being shot while sitting in his van 5 to 10 times according to local news sources, and dying almost instantly. While no motive has been determined for the shooting, police believe there may have been a verbal confrontation between the security guard and Mr. Chen who spoke very little english. The River Walk Community Association has verified that they have a contract with Citywide Protection for unarmed security to patrol the area on foot, but that begs the question, why was the security guard armed? Unfortunately at this time, all that is known for sure is that an unarmed man who was enjoying a game has been killed in a senseless act of violence which could have been avoided.


In the end, we as gamers and as human beings are deeply saddened by what has happened to Mr. Chen, and would like to take this time to warn our readers to please be careful. Pokemon GO is an incredibly fun game, despite all the issues it has had, but it’s not worth going out late at night or putting yourself in any kind of dangerous situation. That rare Pokemon can always be caught another time. Our thoughts go out to Mr. Chen and his family, may they find peace in this difficult time.


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