The World Needs More People Like This.


Reddit is an odd place on the internet, you can read the latest news, learn a new joke to share with friends, or find communities of people who are interested in the same kind of weird stuff you are, no matter what is it. Sometimes though, Reddit pulls does something incredible, like when they helped a dying man achieve his dream of visiting Nintendo Headquarters, or helping a new gamer start his adventures.

/u/b3ar7’s First Console


On January 26th, Reddit user /u/b3ar7 took to the gaming forum on Reddit to announce his excitement over buying his first gaming console, a used Xbox 360. “Might not be the newest but I finally bought myself my first system!” This post was noticed by members of the community who were quick to upvote it and offer the new gamer congrats on his purchase, giving suggestions for good games to pick up on the system, and commenting that they would be cheaper now (which is always a good thing). It wasn’t long until a good gaming Samaritan by the user name /u/NPIF commented on the thread and offered to send b3ar7 a bunch of new games to start his collection, including RDR, Bioshock:Infinite, and Midnight Club LA. His generosity was matched by another commenter, who offered to send the original Bioshock, several of Bethesda’s RPGs and even more games to the new 360 owner.

360 Games Offered by Reddit User /u/LusciousLou

Gamers are a competitive bunch, there is no denying that. The internet has given us a window through which to compete against the whole world, and trash talk all day long. But it also gives us a way to share our passion with others, discussing games, making friends, and in rare instances, allowing gamers to make a kind gesture and share the games they have loved with those who have yet to experience the adventures we have. And in a world that seems to be getting uglier by the day, the easiest thing anyone can do is show a kind gesture to a stranger in the form of helping your neighbor or sharing games with a new friend.






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