Trading one glitch for another….


Overwatch’s first event of the year, Lunar New Year is here, and came a new brawl, new character skins, and some changes to the game overall. One thing gamers eagerly awaited was a fix to the “Mei Exploit” on the 1v1 and 3v3 map, Ecopoint:Antarctica. This exploit allowed players to climb on top of the map using Mei’s icewall ability, which made for extremely unbalanced gameplay, making it nearly impossible to kill her and any other heroes she brought with her. The Overwatch Devs promised us a fix for this in the upcoming patch, and held true to that promise, but something seems to have gone wrong in the process, allowing another character to get out of the map. Though this particular bug is not so much an exploit, being much more damaging to the player and their team.


This new glitch affects the Tank character,, who pilots a mech into battle, and ejects when her power suit takes to much damage. Under normal circumstances, can then move around the battlefield on foot, recharging her ability, and eventually calling down a new mech to continue fighting. When using the now nerfed character on Ecopoint:Antarctica, when ejects, she is fired from the map completely. This caused the player character to fall for a short amount of time, before being swallowed by the frozen abyss that is the map boundaries. Players who are already aware of this glitch take advantage of it, focusing all their team fire on enemy’s, quickly destroying the mech, and removing one third of the enemy team.

Some players have reported this happening since the winter event on the official Blizzard forums, but it seems to have been isolated incidents so far. The complaints from gamers have become wide spread since the start of the Lunar Year event, affecting all three platforms, although Blizzard has made no formal announcements about when or how this will be fixed. As of now, appears to be working as intended on all other maps, and has a brand new skin and emote for gamers to unlock. So for now, if you are an avid 3v3 player, feel safe knowing you won’t be ambushed by an invicible Mei, but I would suggest trying out Roadhog instead for your tank needs.


Have you been affected by this glitch gamers? Are you trying different characters, or staying away from 3v3 entirely for the time being? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay,a nd more! Thanks for reading!


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