The Resident Evil series has had a very impressive life span over the last 20 years with 25 games and tons of secrets and fun facts. The newest game in the series is right around the corner, and looks like it will be bringing the fear back to the survival horror genre. So without further ado, lets have a look at some of the awesome cosplayers who help bring the terrifying world of Resident Evil to life.

Jill Valentine (Re: Revelations) as Portrayed by Shiekahchica Cosplay

Photography by JustGeraldMedia



Jessica Sherawatt (Re:Revelations) as Portrayed by Kotyashenka cosplay page

Photography by Egor Demidoff



Ingrid Hunnigan (RE4) as Portrayed by Maysis Cosplay

Photography by Edakunsis



Claire Redfield (RE:Revelations 2) as Portrayed by Sheenah Cosplay

Photography by Patrick Pilon Photo



Moira Burton (RE: Revelations 2) as Portrayed by Morikyou

Photography by Tony and Dave Cosplay Photographers



Sheva Alomar (RE5) as Portrayed by Susana Cosplay



Helena Harper (Re6) as Portrayed by RavenDarkness7 Cosplay



Rebecca Chambers (RE:Zero) as Portrayed by Vermillion’s Cosplay



Sherry Burkin (RE6) as Portrayed by Night’s Angel

Photography by Fred Mulder



Ada Wong as Portrayed by TK the Tiger

Photography by M3 Photography



Every week Bonus Level Gaming features smaller cosplay pages who do cosplays based on different video games. Cosplayers put a lot of time, sweat, effort, and money into what they do. And it’s because of the passion of bringing their favorite characters to life, and we think that deserves some recognition. So if you see a cosplayer above that catches your eye, you can click on their name to be linked directly to their individual Facebook pages. And if you want to see more cosplays every week and to keep up to date with the latest in gaming news, then don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook too! Thanks for reading!





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