There has been a lot of speculation about what kind of special events will be in store for 2017 for tthe Overwatch community. Many fans have talked about voice lines which pointed towards a possible holiday event. Taking to Facebook, the official Overwatch page announced the first event of 201, with the Chinese New Years event, “Year of the Rooster”.

In the comments on the official post, gamers made lots of comments and jokes, but one comment stood out in particular. One fan decided to ask if there was to be a Valentines event to follow up in February. But this was quickly shut down with a comment reply.

Despite speculations about Valentines voice lines and the relationship between Mercy and Genji, a simple comment confirms that, no. There will be no Valentines Event. This is quite possibly related to a comment by Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan in a previous “Developer Update” video where he discussed how some events would be expected, while others that people had guessed, would be incorrect.

Are you excited for the first event of the new year gamers? Have you been saving up your coins? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay and more! thanks for reading!


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