Cosplay is a passionate hobby for all kinds of people, people who love the characters they bring to life. Every Friday, Bonus Level Gaming likes to showcase some of those cosplayers who aren’t as well known in the community. Every week we choose a different video game to showcae cosplays from, and this week we are taking on the champions of Riot Games MOBA, League of Legends. And if you enjoy League cosplay, then you may also enjoy 10 Awesome League of Legends Facts You May Not Know. So without further ado, lets have a look at 15 amazing cosplayers you have (probably) never heard of.


Gnar as Portrayed by Souruita Cosplay

Photography by MelorFotografie



Morgana as Portrayed by Kamiko Cosplay

Photography by Fotografie Marco Heysel PictureLens



Headhunter Akali as Portrayed by Sodiumcat Art and Cosplay

Photography by Lightwav3r



Arcade Miss Fortune as Portrayed by Natawryy Cosplay



Atlantean Syndra as Portrayed by Pair Cosplay



Amethyst Ashe as Portrayed by  Zaranea Cosplay

Photography by  Fotograf-13



Snowstorm Sivir as Portrayed by Lady Blue Cosplay

Photography by Morgoth Photography



Bittersweet Lulu as Portrayed by Kairii Cosplay

Photography by Fotografie Patrick Stech



Foxfire Ahri as Portrayed by Make your Sandwich Dance – Cosplay

Photography by MelorFotografie



Valkyrie Leona as Portrayed by Lavie Chouette

Photography by Dartura



Snow Bunny Nidalee as Portrayed by Lorien’s cosplay adventures

Photography by Made by Dobrochna



Hextech Janna as Portrayed by CrimsonClover cosplay



Caitlyn as Portrayed by It’s Pancake Cosplay



Shyvana as Portrayed by Hello_angel.a

Photography by Kaleidoscopy



Genderbent Jax as Portrayed by DeeDee



Cosplay requires a lot, it takes time, money, and quite a bit of passion and creativity. We love seeing characters come to life, and even more, we love seeing cosplayers grow, which is why we do this every week. So if a particular cosplay jumps out at you, then click on the name, and you’ll be linked directly to their Facebook pages to see more awesome work. And if you enjoy seeing more video game cosplays, you can check out our most recent article which was all about Christmas Themed Video Game Cosplays. And if you want to see more cosplays every week, then be sure to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook! Thanks for reading!


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