A lot of gaming communities out there are known to be “toxic”, and a lot of people consider gaming to be a pointless hobby. Organizations like the folks behind Games Done Quick are fighting back against these negative stereotypes while also helping out charity organizations by doing what they love, playing video games. Twice a year Games Done Quick holds a week long gaming event which is live streamed around the world uninterrupted where gamers come together to “Speedrun” games. Speedrunning is a game style where players exploit various tricks and glitches in order to complete games as quickly as possible while fans watch the fast paced gameplay online.

Games Done Quick earns money for various charities completely through donations of fans who have tuned in to the live stream. Fans can donate as much or as little as they like, while also being entered for chances to win various gaming related prizes. All proceeds from this event are going to the “Prevent Cancer Foundation”, which is a U.S based Nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and early detection of cancer, as well as research into cancer treatments. Viewers of the stream are opening their wallets for the cause, with the event having run for 12 hours so far, and already raising  over $132,000 for for charity. This event will last for a week and will end on January 14th. Those numbers are sure to rise however, considering, at the time of writing, viewers are donating anywhere from $5 to the highest current donation which is $5,000.


If you would like to watch the stream on Twitch, or can view the official website and find out how to donate by going to gamesdonequick.com. You have all week to view this event and donate, so even if it’s only five dollars, donations can be made through paypal on the official page. And Bonus Level Gaming will keep up with the event so be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest news on this event as well as memes, cosplay, and more! Thanks for reading!



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