It’s Cosplay Friday, which means it is time to showcase some of those cosplayers who aren’t as well known out there in the world. Every week we put together this special gallery of smaller cosplay pages and we base it around a different video game each week. Last week we covered Legend of Zelda Cosplayers and this week we are jumping into what is easily the biggest MMORPG on the planet, World of Warcraft, and taking a look at the people who bring their favorite NPC’s and in game characters to life. So without further ado, lets get to the cosplays!


Genderbent Arthas Menethil as Portrayed by RenaCornelia Cosplay

Photograpy by K4N3K1cosplay

RenaCornelia Cosplay.jpg


Sylvanas Windrunner as Portrayed by Viki’s Cosplayology

Photography by Decco Photography



Jaina Proudmoore as Portrayed by Cinderys – Art and Cosplay

Photography by Gwenne Grim Photographe



Master Kael’thas and Master Sylvanas as Portrayed by Feyische&Enishi Cosplay

Photography by SeiShin

Feyische&Enishi cosplay.jpg


Demon Hunter as Portrayed by Yeonlang Cosplay

Photography by Alvaro Pantani

Yeonlang cosplay.jpg


Undead Onyxia as Portrayed by Mohrigan Cosplay

Photography by Photosnxs



Blood Elf Priest as Portrayed by Kate T. Raider Cosplay

Photography by Milos Mlady Photography



Blood Elf Death Knight as Portrayed by Morgothia Cosplay

Photography by Paula Kreba

Morgothia Cosplay.jpg


Demon Hunter as Portrayed by Darkenya Cosplay

Photography by Undefiled Photography and Editing



Blood Elf Death Knight as Portrayed by Kurumi Cosplay

Photography by Studio Zahora



Every one of these cosplayers spend lots of time and effort on putting their cosplays together. Not to mention the cost of materials and excellent photography. They don’t do it for work, but because of the love of cosplay. Bringing characters to life and showing a passion for gaming. And because of that, Bonus Level Gaming puts together these special pages every week, and if you see a cosplayer who sticks out to you, click on their name! That will send you directly to the cosplay page of that cosplayer so you can follow them and see more of their work. And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming for the latest in gaming news, as well as new cosplays every week! Thanks for reading!




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