Everyone enjoys playing games, men and women, and boys and girls. At some point, we’ve all found a game or two that we really enjoy, even if it’s just for casual fun. Some people decide to take that passion and apply it to the development of games, and that is one aspect that the organization LearnDistrict comes into play. LearnDistrict is an educational group based out of California who organize the special workshops titled “Girls Make Games” which is focused on helping young women (generally from the age of 11- 14) get their hands on game development tools, and teaches how to utilize these tools in order to encourage an interest in video game design.


Having been around since 2014, “Girls Make Games” have earned a lot of praise for the work they do, and that recognition has not only helped them to grow, but also earned a special treat for the girls this year. The first ever “Girls With Games” workshop was held in the White House, with a select group of girls getting to visit the top House in the country and take a tour before settling in for their workshop in a very nice conference room. This was an amazing opportunity for these young women to not only learn something new to help shape their future, but also to visit such a historic place.

If you would like to know more about the “Girls With Games” workshops and register your daughters for upcoming events, you can visit the official website by clicking HERE. There is also a Facebook page for the organization, as well as links to other various social medias. Or if you want to see more pictures of the trip to the nations capital, you can check out the official Twitter account HERE. All games have to be built by someone, and Bonus Level Gaming applauds the folks over at LearnDistrict for doing their part.

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Source: Twitter, girlsmakegames.com


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