We as gamers have all had to deal with RNG at some point. The luck of the draw that is the random number generator which dictates what kind of in game we loot are going to get. Blizzard like many companies has learned that their loot boxes are just tantalizing enough to make players will to pay for a chance to get that sweet digital swag. It’s just business, and when done properly, it’s beneficial to everyone. But unfortunately, there can be bugs in the system, as Reddit user Kaleptik discovered back in September.


After making purchase of several Overwatch loot boxes, there was an issue between Paypal and Microsoft services, where the charges were charged back temporarily on Paypal’s end, but quickly reversed. Basically the charges were flagged as incorrect, before being validated. But for whatever reason, Microsoft servers got the charge back, but not the reversal. So it seemed that the loot boxes and currency Kaleptik had spent was no longer valid. This glitch caused all of the users currency and loot box skins, specifically from the special Summer Games event, to be removed. After much frustration, and contact between Microsoft and Blizzard, as well as the help of two particularly dedicated employees, Kaleptik took to Reddit today to announce a happy end to his story.


Once the problem was sorted out, Blizzard gifted Kaleptik 500 Loot Boxes, 400 Summer Game Boxes, as well as 100 normal boxes. Reportedly taking almost 2 hours to open them all, Kaleptik got back all of his Summer Game skins, as well as 15,045 in game currency to use however he wishes (which will be going to Sombra specific gear). Any gamer who might have gone through this would be devastated, especially if they couldn’t get help from the team to fix what had happened. Props to Blizzard Entertainment for stepping up and fixing this, that kind of dedication to the fans is part of what has kept people playing their games for all these years.
Did you enjoy that happy ending gamers? Have you had any luck getting the skin you want for your main Overwatch character? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay, and more! Thanks for reading!


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