It’s Friday, which means its Cosplay time! Every week, we here at Bonus Level Gaming like to take the time to showcase some of the smaller Cosplay pages that are on social media, and we choose cosplayers based on a different video game each week. Last week we featured character from the Street Fighter series, and this week we are tackling that timeless classic, The Legend of Zelda. So without further jokes confusing Link and Zelda, lets get started!

Princess Zelda as portrayed by HylianViolinist Art and Cosplay

Photography by Madster Cosplay and Photography



Link as Portrayed by Alex Rose Cosplay


Shiek as Portrayed by Kylian the Hylian


Queen Zelda as Portrayed by Moka Cosplay



Genderbent Link as Portrayed by Talia Mira



Shiek as Portrayed by TempiLina Cosplay





The Fierce Deity as Portrayed by Mandycake Cosplay



The Great Fairy as Portrayed by Kim Kaguya Cosplay


Marin (Links Awakening) as Portrayed by Sarah Shortcake

Sarah Shortcake.jpg


Midna as Portrayed by Hinoiri-Cosplay


And lastly, the big baddie….

Genderbent Ganondorf as Portrayed by Aetherium Cosplay



Every one of these Cosplayers put a whole lot of time, money, and effort into bringing their favorite characters to life. it’s not a job for them, its a passionate hobby. And we think they deserve some recognition for it. So if you spot a Cosplay you particularly like, you can click on thei name to go directly to the Facebook page. And feel free to share this gallery by clicking the convenient Facebook sharing button at the bottom of the page. And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for weekly cosplays, as well as the latest in gaming news, memes, and more! Thanks for reading!





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