The Pokemon games have always been competitive, based around the premise catching and training Pokemon to be the very best. This competition has evolved through the power of the internet, and online Pokemon battling is bigger than ever. The Pokemon Company is keeping the ball rolling with Pokemon Sun and Moon, announcing the first online battle competition in Japan. Japanese trainers can sign up for the special weekend event from December 6th through December 16th, which is when the event starts.

This will be a Single Battle Competition (One Pokemon at a time) and will not bar any specific Pokemon, so the competition is sure to be full of Legendaries like Solgaleo and Lunala. This is fairly lax for the normal rules of competition, but will be a good warm up for what is always a very exciting Pokemon competitive season. Gamers all around the world are deep into their adventures, training and breeding the best Pokemon to compete, and it’s all going to pay off very soon.


Details about whether or not the event will be open to other regions is yet to be announced. but trainers who want to compete should will be able to sign up for any future events by going to the Pokemon Global Link page which can be found HERE  But worry not gamers, even if this first event is only going to be held on Pokemon’s home turf, there is sure to be lots more battles coming in the future.

Will you be competing in competitions this year gamers? What kind of Pokemon fill out your best team? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! and be sure to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay and more!


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