Bethesda released a game update for their MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. This 5gb update allows gamers to play with friends, no matter what allegiance they belonged too, as well as various other updates. Among this however, came a glitch in the games servers. Gamers are reporting on Reddit and Twitter that they are unable to log out of the ESO megaservers. When attempting to log out, the timer will count down to zero, but will not successfully log out. Attempts to cancel the timer and try again are to no avail, requiring those affected by this glitch to completely shut down the game and restart in order to successfully log out or switch characters. Bethesda has made no comment as of yet about why this is happening or when it will be fixed.



Are you enjoying the latest update to Bethesda’s first attempt at an MMO gamers? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to follow Bonus Level Gaming for the latest in gaming news, memes, gameplay and more! Thanks for reading!


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