The Nintendo Switch was a big hit when it was revealed, setting the internet abuzz with discussions and ideas about the possibilities of the new hybrid device. Nintendo has been surprisingly close lipped about their new product however, leading people to grasp at ever bit of info they could get. The website Polygon brings us some very welcome news however regarding the new system. Nintendo has announced that they will be streaming more information about the Nintendo Switch live on January 12th, which will be followed up by a hands on demonstration at a private event in New York. While this event will be closed to normal gamers and journalists, Nintendo has promised to reveal the exact pricing of the system as well as go more in depth with the plans for the home console/mobile game system. It is very likely that while this event is a show to encourage investors to spend more money with the Nintendo company, those details will leak to the public soon after. Nothing has been confirmed for consumers as of yet, but if Nintendo plans to stick to their March 2017 release date, then the new year should bring lots of information and hype for the new system.


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