Thanksgiving is here, which means Christmas is right around the corner. Overwatch players have speculated about whether or not Blizzard would gift us with a Christmas game mode ever since October’s special Halloween event. Users on Reddit took the search one step farther though, digging deep into the game data and uncovering sound bytes that would suggest new game modes will soon be available. These included the announcer saying the words “Entering the Arena” and “Gladiator”. Special music has been uncovered as well, suggesting there will be new loading screens for various events.


It is amazing to think that Blizzard would have time to add something new, specifically for the Holidays, with all the changes being made to Symmetra but the developers have always shown a passion for what they do, and go above and beyond for the community. So it’s not completely outside the realm of reality to think they would offer a set of Christmas skins and game modes. While this hasn’t been confirmed, Bonus Level Gaming will keep an eye out for any new information and update you as we know more. So be sure to follow Bonus Level gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news!


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