Lots of things are happening with Blizzard’s latest IP, Overwatch. With changes to the standard game modes as well as tweaks to certain characters,the standard game modes as well as tweaks to certain characters, it makes sense to keep the ball rolling and make more changes to what is already a very successful formula. The new changes come in the form of the support character Symmetra. The turret building support character has always had a very specific set of skills, building small shields for her team mates and setting up a teleporter to help get heroes back to the fight. Blizzard is hoping to change up this skill set with the latest update which is coming to the PTR (Public Test Region) on PC soon.

One of the biggest changes is the tweaks to Symmetra’s ultimate ability. She will be the first Overwatch hero to have access to 2 ultimate abilities, the first being her Teleporter, and the second being a specialized Shield Generator. This shield generator will be a buildable item which provides team mates with shielding more effective than what has been offered before, while not requiring a lone of sight. The Shield generator will be able to be hidden behind walls and still provide shielding to any team mates within it’s radius. Both the Teleporter and Shield generator will have more helath and personal shields to help keep them up and running. Symmetra’s standard shield ability will be changed as well, instead of giving small shields to team mates, Symmetra will now fire off a “Photon Shield”. This ability will be a projected bubble shield similar to Winston’s shield, but it will be a moving shield, moving along a trajectory similar to the Primary weapons secondary ability.


Symmetra’s turret abilities will also be tweaks, with six turrets able to be stocked at once, as opposed to placing three and having to wait for cooldown, gamers can now place up to six turrets right off the spawn. Turret cooldown times have also be brought down from 12 seconds to 10. Last but not least is the change to the primary beam weapon, which will now how slightly longer range, allowing for more distance between Symmetra and enemy heroes.


Are you a Symmetra main? Do you plan on trying her out more once these changes go live for all consoles? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And be sure to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news! Thanks for reading!



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