With the release of Sombra in today’s large patch, people are climbing over each other to find the latest info about the hero, but what about the new game modes? We are taking this time to break them down for you, so you have an idea of what to expect when you go in.

Mystery Duel is a 1v1 game mode broken into rounds. Each round a hero is randomly assigned and each player will compete as this hero. There is only one life per round and no health packs. The player who wins 5 rounds first wins the match.

Elimination is a 3v3 game mode similar to Mystery Duel in that each hero only has one life. But players will be part of a team of three, where each player can pick a hero, and only on hero per team is allowed. Players will be able to pick new heroes each round, and whichever team wins three rounds first wins the match. Elimination also has no health packs, and neither game mode has a “safe space” to hide from enemy players.

Mystery Heroes is the same as the mystery heroes brawl. Players will change characters every time they spawn. Game modes for this playlist are the standard objective defense and “move the payload”.

All Brawls is pretty self explanatory. It is a playlist of all the different weekly brawls that have been released (Justice Rains from Above, Tanks a lot, Super Shimada Bros, ect.)

And lastly No Limits is just the old style of quick play. Any heroes can be chosen, the whole team can be one hero if they chose. It’s the good old fashioned chaos we have enjoyed since the beginning.


One other aspect of Arcade to discuss is the Weekly Rewards. For every three wins you get in arcade, you earn a loot box. This can be done three times a week, with 9 wins. This feature makes it a bit easier to unlock loot boxes, and will be especially handy during seasonal events.


Which is your favorite Arcade mode gamers? Are you happy with the changes Blizzard has made? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook. And be sure to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news!




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