Lots of news out of the Pokemon Company this week, with the reveal of the New Z-Moves for your starter Pokemon. But trainers will also be treated to three new special Pokemon in game by meeting certain requirements.


Trainers will be able to get Ash’s special Greninja, the awesome water type Pokemon, by playing and completing the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo. Once the full game is released on Friday November 18th, those who have developed a special bond with Greninja will be able to transfer him to the full game.



Pokemon will now feature a QR code scanner feature (unlocked after the main game is beaten) in Sun and Moon. Trainers will be able to use this feature to unlock the artificial Pokemon, Magearna! Starting on December 5th, trainers will be able to go to pokemon.com to find a special QR code. This code will unlock Magearna in your game.


Lastly, as a special treat for those who buy the game at release or early there after, the baby Pokemon Munchlax will be available as a mystery gift. Trainers will be able to hook up their 3ds console to the internet and receive Munchlax by going to the Mystery Gift menu. Munchlax will come with the special Z Item Snorlium Z. Once the young Pokemon evolves into Snorlax, he will use this item to initiate the Z-Move Pulverizing Pancake! Munchlax will be available for free until January 11, 2017.

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