Fire Emblem has been a bit of a hidden gem in the US since it’s release in 2003, but despite the fact that very few people outside of Japan knew about it gamers who picked it up for GBA loved it. That fan base has grown since, and has given way to some awesome cosplayers donning costumes of their favorite characters from the series, and we’ve decided to feature them on our weekly article showcasing smaller cosplay pages. So without further ado, here are the awesome gamers who choose to honor their favorite characters from the FE universe.


Eliwood and Ninian (FE7) by Raptors in Rhythm Cosplay

Raptors in Rhythm Cosplay.jpg


Eirika and Ephraim (FE: The Sacred Stones) by Altair Cosplay



Soren and Ranulf (FE: PoR/Radiant Dawn) by Crepuscular Cosplay

Crepuscular Cosplay.jpg


Nah (FE: Awakening) by Kaarowl



Great Lord Lucina (FE: Awakening) by Sam Mills Cosplay



Camilla (FE: Fates) by Cat Lady Cosplay

Cat Lady Cosplay.jpg


Orochi (FE: Fates) by Aelynns Cosplay



Charlotte (FE: Fates) by Mochimaka Cosplay



Every one of these cosplayers put a ton of time, effort, and money into doing what they do. They do so because they love doing it and because they are passionate about the characters they portray. Each cosplayers name above will link you to their Facebook pages, so be sure to go and check them out for yourselves to see more! And don’t forget to follow us for more cosplay articles every week at Bonus Level Gaming! Thanks for reading!







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