Battlefield 1 has been an explosive success for EA this year, with millions of players all over the game. Youtube is full of multiplayer videos, tips and live streams, as well as reviews of the single player campaign, many people are saying that this is EA’s year for shooters. Following quickly along with the hype, details about whats next for the game have been revealed via Battlefields official website.

“During the month of November, we will release a major update for Battlefield 1, filled with various tweaks and improvements. Among other things, we will be adding the Rent-a-Server Program, a new Custom Game and tweaks to matchmaking and server balancing.”

Some big changes are coming to the game, including a revamp of the desert map Suez. Gamers can look forward to the size of the map being expanded, with the three control points on Conquest being changed to five, as well as the addition of more vehicles for both teams. Gamer’s can also look forward to seeing the addition of hardcore game mode, and the addition of customized servers.

On top of all of this, players will be treated to a new map come December, The Giants Shadow. This map will feature combat on open fields around a fallen airship. No DLC is required as this map will be free for download for all players.



Have you joined the fight yet gamers? What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook! And be sure to follow us on Facebook at Bonus Level Gaming. Thanks for reading!


Source: Battlefield Official Website


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