Battlefield 1 released finally, after much hype and a very successful Open Beta. We jumped in with both feet and fell in love. This game is amazing, from campaign to multiplayer, there is so much to do, and so much fun to have. The addition of “War Stories” is particularly fun, and a welcome change from traditional story telling in FPS games.

War Stories is a collection of 6 different campaigns that players can go through. Each story follows the adventure of a different soldier in the war. You can play as a tank driver, a pilot, an Italian shock trooper, a message runner, or even a mighty warrior fighting across the desert. What’s incredible and so refreshing about this concept is that it isn’t your average war story where one single super soldier fights his way across the entire world to save the day. Each of these protagonists has their own war they are fighting. Each one struggles in new ways, and has special obstacles to overcome.


The graphic in this game are truly spectacular. You get to explore all these different landscapes, each more beautiful than the last. But you also see how ugly the war is. Soldiers covered in bud and blood, running across battlefields, never knowing what is going to happen. Everything is rendered in exceptional detail. You see and hear the world around you, the roar of a plane’s engine, the whistle of bombs dropping and the staccato of rapid firing machine guns is nothing compared to the sounds of soldiers crying, fighting, and dying in the trenches. It is truly all brought together to immerse the player in the dark parts of the “War to end all Wars”.

Each story is engaging, with characters that you want to know. The facial expressions are real, and the hard parts really are rough. In the second campaign, you watch as your tank gets stuck in mud and German soldiers furiously try to batter their way inside. All the while the men inside the tank fight desperately to make a last stand. You never know if this is meant to be the end or not, and that fear that you’ve done wrong, that idea that you have driven these men to the end is part of what makes these stories so gut wrenching.

Our biggest complaints about the game are the AI. They pose very little threat and are more there as cannon fodder, fun to shoot but boring. And honestly? The stories are too short. People naturally pick up the Battlefield games for the amazing multiplayer modes, and I can’t fault that, but with War Stories, they have really drawn me in and I want more! I personally would love to see more stories added as DLC content in the future.



What do you think gamers? Do you love Battlefiled1 as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And be sure to follow us on Facebook at Bonus Level Gaming!



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