Every week here at Bonus Level Gaming we do a piece on Cosplay pages who are relatively small and unknown. We choose cosplays from specific games each week, and with the release of Overwatch’s Halloween special playlist, we decided to do a follow up on our original 5 Best Overwatch Cosplayers. Instead of scrounging the internet, I decided to turn to the awesome folks who frequent the Overwatch Cosplayers group on Facebook. And they did not disappoint, so lets get started, with 10 awesome Overwatch Cosplayers you probably haven’t heard of.


Sparrow Genji by Auzzie L.



McCree by Guardian of Avalon



Reaper by DeathstrikeCosplay and the Awesome Team Chaos Cosplay



Bastion by WotProp



Hanzo by Effekted Cosplay



Widowmaker by Axceleration Cosplay



D’va by Luzbel d’Auvergne artworks

Luzbel d'Auvergne artworks.jpg


Roadhog by Imaki Cosplay



Artic Zarya by Zantedeschia Cosplay



Devil Mercy by Hane Cosplay



Every one of these cosplayers do amazing work, and put loads of time, money, and effort into what they do. They do it because they love it, and we say they deserve recognition. As always, each cosplayers name is a direct link to their Facebook pages, so go check them out and give them a ‘Like”. And be sure to follow us on Facebook as well at Bonus Level Gaming! Thanks!





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