It’s October Gamers. For some folks that means Fall has started, the weather is getting cooler, and Halloween is right around the corner. But for us, that means it’s time for the new video games to come out. October 28th will see us return to the frozen lands of Skyrim. So break out the mead, and put on your protective knee gear, it’s time to go on another adventure.



Bethesda has taken to their blog to announce the specs that the game will need on the new consoles, as well as discuss some of the upgrades that are possible with new technology including mod support for both Xbox and PS4, as well as new lighting effects, depth of field, and snow and water shading to make everything look much more realistic. the system space requirements vary a bit between consoles, with the PS4 requiring 20 GB, and Xbox One only requiring 17 GB. The PC requirements are also listed below.


Are you excited gamers? Will you be buying the remastered version of this legendary game and returning to Tamriel’s harshest lands? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook at Bonus Level Gaming


Source: Bethesda Official Blog



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