With fans waiting more than 4 years for a new installment in Bioware’s sci-fi epic, Mass Effect, we have clung to every piece of info we could get on the newest game to come out, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Rumors and speculation have run rampant on the Web, with Gamers sure we would be finding out more on November 7th, or N7 Day. But it seems we might not have to wait that long, if this pre-order ad from Amazon has anything to say about it…..

Dark Horse will release the art of Mass Effect: Andromeda simultaneously with the game!”

   Does that mean what we think it means? If it does, then that means gamers will get to explore a whole new galaxy on March 21 of next year. 
What do you think gamers? Is this leaked information worth selling to the Shadow Broker? Or is this just a placeholder date? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook at Bonus Level Gaming.