Tales of Symphonia is free to play this weekend only on Steam. Based off the PS3 port of the game which originally released on Gamecube, Steam Users can download and play for free for the next couple of days. Tales of Symphonia is widely regarded as the best game in the “Tales of” series, and has gamers taking control of Lloyd and his friends. Initially planning to help the Chosen One Collete, Lloyd and Genis soon find themselves embroiled in a complicated plot spanning two worlds. Making new friends along the way and discovering new powerful magics, the team finally decides that it’s up to them to save the world, well, both worlds.


For those that try the game and enjoy it, or have been long time fans, the game is also on sale on Steam for 66% off, coming out to a super cheap $6.79 USD. If you’re looking for a new RPG to try, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy what is considered a bit of a hidden gem.



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