Who doesn’t love Super Mario? Nobody, that’s who! Anyone who has ever played a video game, has played as the overalls clad plumber at one point or another. With the release of the latest game in the Paper Mario series, Paper Mario: Color Splash, releasing today, this weeks best amateur cosplayer lists is going to be Mario themed. If you would like to see last weeks Bioshock cosplays, those can be viewed here. But for now, lets look at these awesome cosplayers renditions of Mario characters!

Genderbent Mario and Luigi by Capu and MissMadness Cosplay


Princess Daisy and Princess Peach by Rinaca Cosplay and Surine Cosplay


Pin Up Super Mario by Nicole Winters Cosplay



Princess Peach by Lavi_Harley



Soccer Playing Princess Peach (Super Mario Strikers) by LilyBat Cosplay



Burlesque Princess Rosalina by Full Dive Cosplay



Princess Peach in the Borderlands by Helena Steele



Dry Bones by Gramestone’s Cosplay and Art



Toad by A-ntares Cosplay



And of course, it wouldn’t be a Mario gallery without the big baddie….


Bowser by Triforce Cosplay



These Cosplayers put an amazing amount of time and effort into their work, and they deserve recognition. That’s why every week we scour the internet to find those pages that aren’t super well known yet. Do you know a cosplayer who deserves recognition? Be sure to let us know and we might feature their work in our weekly spotlights. And be sure to follow us on Facebook at Bonus Level Gaming! Thanks for reading! And of course, we have a bonus for you, which is why all you people read this every week anyway…. COSPLAY CRITTERS!






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