Overwatch burst onto the gaming stage and was an instant hit with FPS gamers, PC gamers, and especially Cosplayers. While we have all seen the high dollar, well known cosplayers becoming their favorite characters, we decided to look for the little guy. So here we go, our top 5 coolest Overwatch Cosplays.

Symmetra by Nyftee


McCree by Hans Cosplay


Mercy by Le Petit Fromage


Schoolgirl D.VA by Sakuraflor Arts and Cosplay

Female Soldier 76 by Vault Fox Cosplays


All of these cosplays are amazingly done, and we linked each ones Facebook page, which you can check out by clicking their names. And while your at it, be sure to follow us on Facebook at Bonus Level Gaming for weekly gaming related cosplays! Oh an as an added bonus….