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Battlefield One Open Beta was without a doubt a massive success. With over 13 million people playing all together, there was definitely plenty of feedback. Fans of the series and newcomers alike took to Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to share their thoughts on the single map beta. Some of what we heard was positive, some was negative, but the folks over at DICE listened to every word.


Daniel Berlin took to the Battlefield official blog today to share an update on the game, talking a bit more about what they heard, and what they are improving on for the games upcoming October 21st release.

“Every single issue you encounter, every bug reported, and all the feedback given is invaluable to us here in the development team.”

   One of the major things discussed is changes to the two game modes we got to experience, Conquest and Rush. In Conquest players have always earned points by holding objective points on the map for their team, in addition to this with the release of the full game, players will earn points from holding objectives and getting kills on enemy players. It is unknown at this time if that means that more points will be required to win, or how exactly that will change the dynamic of the game mode, but it should come as an interesting and welcome change. Changes and “tweaks” are also being made to Rush, although this is not elaborated on. Horses were also a major issue complained about by many gamers who got to enjoy the game, complaining that the horses were far to overpowered in terms of how much health they have, while it is not directly stated what will change about horses, it is implied that their health will be knocked down so they are easier to kill. Some gamers may complain about this considering there was over 62 million kills performed from horseback, but I’m sure they will still be effective tools of war.


   Last but not least, Berlin discussed the tanks of the game. Tanks were very obviously overpowered in the beta, and people were not happy about it. Add to that the limited means of eliminating the giant metal monsters, and gamers definitely had some issues with the vehicle system. This is particularly important to fix, as the Battlefield series is known for it’s vehicular warfare. Not only will the tanks be receiving some downgrades, but infantry players will also have access to anti vehicle weapons earlier on. The support class will also be getting some new gear to help on that front, although what exactly that will be is yet to be seen.

Did you enjoy playing the Battlefield One open beta? Did you have any criticisms or feedback for the developers? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!

Source: Battlefield Official Blog



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