Sexuality and gaming is a particularly hot topic, especially when it comes to streaming. It is often brought up whenever women who stream on sites like Twitch and Youtube “flaunt themselves” in order to get more viewers, this is where the controversy comes into play. Depending on who you ask, “Showing a little cleavage is completely normal, and nothing to get in an uproar about.” or “That’s just a cheap trick to get views, and demoralizes women as a whole.” Whatever side you take on this particular argument, as far as most streaming sites are concerned as long as there is no nudity then no rules have been broken. So that begs the question, why was Zoie Burgher banned from Twitch?

In March of 2016, Burgher was banned from the Twitch streaming service, due apparently to a “nip slip” while wearing a bikini while streaming Call of Duty. Since then there was an outpouring of both support and hate for the streamer on Twitter. Burgher has since come into the spotlight again recently on Twitter do to various reports on her streams. After two minutes of looking at Zoie Burgher’s various social media profiles, there is no doubt that she uses her sexuality to market herself, with her twitter bio detailing her as a “Bikini Streamer” with “daddy issues”. She has been known to not only wear very revealing clothing but also dance for donations to her channel. So the question remains, does she deserve to be removed from any kind of streaming sites? Should she be considered a gaming streamer, or is this simply softcore porn? Let us know in the comments below.




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