Nintendo has always been known for making quality gaming consoles, in fact, some people’s childhood memories are chock full of adventures played from the living room couch thanks to Nintendo. That trend didn’t stop in 2001 either, with the release of the Nintendo Gamecube! Released on September 14th in Japan, and later the same year in North America, the system was fairly well received by critics. While it came onto the scene trying desperately to compete with Sony’s PS2 and Microsofts new Xbox console, it still did well, selling almost 50 million units. And those of us who had one, all had our favorite games to play.

When released, it had the line up of Nintendo’s finest including, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, F Zero, and a whole slew of Mario related games. But despite the classics everyone expected, it had a few new gems to bring to the table which have since gone on to become hugely popular, all thanks to a little purple cube. We were introduced into the world of Pikmin, with its masses of small plant men, eager to help. For those that could stand the psychological terror of Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem will never forget how horrifying and twisted the world can be, even when you don’t expect it. And Nintendo’s hugely popular answer to The Sims, Animal Crossing. Who doesn’t love the idea of moving to a village run by adorable little animals?

Overall the Gamecube wasn’t the best selling console Nintendo ever made, and it wasn’t the most popular console at it’s time. But it was a great console for those that got it, and it did open the door for lots of series to be born and to continue to grow. As of today, the console has been out for 15 years, and despite having been out for over a decade, it is still has one of the most diverse and innovative game collections out there. And it will always have a spot in our gaming collections.


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