Have you ever beaten a video game? Really beaten it, 100% complete, all levels beaten, all characters unlocked, all secrets found? Not all gamers can make that claim, and those that have will tell you it’s no easy task, but it is definitely easier with a friend. That’s how Jason and Steve looked at it, and so when changes in their company structure left them with quite a bit of free time, they decided to do what gamers do, play a video game.


I came across this story on the Reddit r/gaming forum, about two buddies who have a hobby of 100% completing Lego games together. When I first stumbled upon it, the post had a little over 2,000 upvotes, and hundreds of comments. It was a feel good story, of two friends, doing what they enjoy. People (myself included) loved it, the post was full of fun comments, jokes, and general camaraderie that games are made to bring to people. The more I read, the more I decided, I have to write about this. Share it beyond Reddit, so I reached out to the author of the post, and asked if I could write about him. After a few emails back and forth, I had everything I needed to share this awesome story.

Jason and Steve met about 7 years ago, through a sports community, and ended up working together as software developers. They worked for a small firm which was eventually bought out by a larger corporation. It was during this time of company reform that our two gamers started their adventure through various Lego worlds. Jason had previous experience playing through Lego Indiana Jones. When he suggested playing a Lego game, they decided to explore Hogwarts castle through the rounded eyes of Harry Potter and his wizarding friends.


When Jason uploaded the gallery of photos of completed games, he didn’t expect people to respond so positively as they did. At the time of writing this, the initial post has over 5,000 upvotes as well as over 2,000 comments. People love hearing about something as simple as two buddies playing games together, and Jason has enjoyed sharing his story. More than that though, he is interested in pursuing his passion further. Jason and Steve are interested in becoming game testers, working directly for Traveler’s Tale’s. I believe that their background in software development, as well as their passion for exploring Lego land, they would be ideal candidates for game testing. Especially considering they have 100% completed 11 different Lego games, and are working on two more at the moment. I sincerely hope Traveler’s Tales picks up on the story and contacts Jason. Who doesn’t dream of working on video games?

If you would like to look at the full gallery of photos, it can be found here.

Source: Reddit Gaming Forum



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