We all love Gamestop. They provide us with our favorite games, have an excellent return policy, and generally pretty good customer service. But I’ve never been offered drugs while I frequent their stores. Maybe it’s a new sales strategy?


When an 11-year-old boy from Louisiana opened the game he bought from Gamestop on Wednesday, he discovered a small plastic bag of meth inside. Luckily the young man knew better than to try to play THAT game, and told his father what he had discovered. As of now the game has been returned to gamestop and police have been notified. According to the company, games that are shipped to stores are checked before being sent, but not double checked once they are at the store. It is unknown who would have had access to the package before it was purchased, but police are looking into the matter. One can only hope that the young man has been offered a free PowerUp rewards membership for his trouble. I would say gaming is a much safer addiction than meth.



Source: http://ktla.com/2016/09/04/11-year-olds-new-video-game-came-with-illicit-surprise/